The VGR TopChanger, also known as the WETJECT, is an innovative machine that restores the balance to the composition of the soil. It takes care of the proper ratio between organic substances, nutrients, air, and water. Disruptive layers in the soil are tackled specifically.


The TopChanger performs all the actions required to condition the soil in a single pass. Depending on the needs of the soil, you can perform the following actions:

  1. The TopChanger aerates the soil.
  2. The TopChanger can add soil-improving products.
  3. The TopChanger injects Wet or Dry Sand.

Don’t let scheduling conflicts limit your aeration capabilities!

Use it whenever YOU need it! Because YOU own it!

The VGR TopChanger is a GAME Changer

Good outdoor sports facilities start with a playing field that fulfills the sport and game requirements of the players. After all, the playing field is an important basis in sports. You want to give your users optimum playing conditions so they can always perform at their best. A well-balanced soil lays the basis for this. Healthy soil improves plant growth which is essential for healthy and strong turf.

VGR Groep is an innovative service provider in the construction and maintenance of green spaces for outside sports facilities and nature conservation areas. Their guiding principle is always topsoil is the basis. The TopChanger improves soil using an innovative method. We take the natural needs of the soil and soil life into consideration. Our soil-based method assures optimum condition for your turf.

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How does the TOPCHANGER stack up against the competition?

  1. No need to schedule services months or even years in advance! You own the machine, so you can use it as often as you deem necessary to improve your soil profile and drainage! 
  2. No hydrophobic issues caused by the competitors need to use kiln dried sand! Simply use the same sand you would use in your bunkers and for topdressing!
  3. Less down time is experienced with instant playability! Inject, drag, play! 
  4. One man + One Machine = Labor savings!