Vacuum Trailer M3 multipurpose is a compact and maneuverable vacuum mower with a bin capacity of 3 m3.   With compact vacuum trailers, you are able to mow and sweep & collect grass clippings and leaves. A powerful fan provides great suction power and is mounted in a housing fitted with a replaceable lining. The fan is driven by a PTO drive shaft attached to the tractor. It requires an output of 35 – 70 hp (26 – 51 kW).

  • Sweep, verticut or mow in one pass
  • Large tires for low ground pressure
  • Adjustable air outlet
  • High working speed
  • Can be configured online according to your needs
  • Powered by power take-off (PTO)
  • Equipped with a 20ft long, 7.5″ diameter, hand-held suction hose 
  • Can be used all year round for various tasks
  • Optional multiple work axes available
  • Operated by one man
  • 5.25ft rear high dump 
  • Working width: 5ft
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