Thankful to Share Information about the VGR Topchanger

The VGR Topchanger is Better for the Golfer

The VGR Topchanger is better for the golfer than it is the turf manager. It’s true. The turf manager has been doing the same thing for a lot of years. They’ve just been doing it in a different way. Just recently, I had a member of a golf course approach us as we were showing the staff how to use the VGR Topchanger. It was obvious that the member had been around the club awhile and was interested in what we were doing. You get that sometimes. Some members want to know what’s happening to the course because it does affect the way you play. Other members do not and that’s okay. Everyone sees the work being done to the green but they might not know what is being done or why. Some members are curious and want to know. 

Our Process is Very Different

That was the case for this particular member. He was there with a couple of guys and we started a conversation. I love listening to the concerns of golfers. I think its great to share knowledge and my experience as a golf course superintendent. It was obvious by his reaction that he knew what we were doing was a very different process. It really peaked his curiosity. By the way, most quality golf course superintendents will communicate with the clubhouse on what is being done to the course and when. It’s a very normal thing. The information then gets passed along to the members. 

The VGR Topchanger is a Gamechanger

So the gentleman who walked up, knew what we were doing but he didn’t know about the machine that was doing the actually work. The VGR Topchanger or Wetject. We discussed the process and what the VGR Topchanger was doing. Injecting sand and soil amendments to improve the overall quality of the green. He was genuinely amazed at how much sand and product was actually going into the green and how little disruption there was to the surface. He asked me twice if that was all there was going to be left on the green. I told him, “Yep. That’s it!” He was stunned. He could see how minor the disruption was to the surface.  “Wow! That is a complete game changer,” he said.  On some of the greens we did that afternoon, there was little downtime. Literally, within an hour after completing our process, the crew had a cup and flag on the green and the members were playing immediately. At STEC Equipment, we believe in innovation and we are always thankful to share what we know, with anyone who wants to learn. My name is Cliff and these are my notes. 
VGR Topchanger Wetject

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