“Trade Show Season, Building Update, and Halloween Turf Goblins!” | STEC Newsletter October 2021

STEC Newsletter October 2021

“Gearing up for Tradeshows”

2021 – 2022 Show Schedule and Changes

As Covid-19 cases continue to fluctuate due to new variants, and regulations continue to shift on a daily and weekly basis, there has been a steady level of uncertainty . As a company we very much missed getting to meet with our customers at last years tradeshows. In the last year, so many have missed out on the face to face conversations that we all love to participate in. Maintaining those customer relationships is super important to us, and we look forward to building upon those at the upcoming sports turf and golf course tradeshows and conferences!

At this years shows, we look forward to showing our customers our latest innovations and continue to educate them on the newest technology that STEC has to offer!

We look forward to meeting with everyone at the following tradeshows this fall and winter!

Carolinas GCSA Conference and Show

Nov. 15th – 17th, 2021

Myrtle Beach, SC

Southeast Regional STMA Conference and Tradeshow. Nov. 15th- 17th, 2021

Myrtle Beach, SC

Sports Turf Managers Association Conference. Jan. 17th – 20th, 2022

“Building Expansion Updates “

STEC Continues to grow, expanding the possibilities.

As the finishing touches are being installed on the outside of the new expansion; exterior metal, concrete wash pad, and doors; just as much is happening on the inside. The crane installation on the inside of the building is complete and will allow for easier assembly of machines, as well as loading and unloading shipping containers from the dual loading dock!


“Where the HECK is STEC?”

Montana VGR Training

VGR Topchanger Training – Last weeks VGR Setup and training took place at the Mt. Wilderness Country Club in Eureka, MT.

The VGR machine proved to be an excellent addition to the greens management team at Mt. Wilderness. Above you can see the VGR being used on the courses push-up greens, using new material for excellent gas exchanges and improved drainage!

After a few hours of training on how to set up and maintain the machine, we took the machine to the course for some hands on training. The beauty of the VGR machine is its versatility. This machine allows the user to adjust a few small setting to provide a bigger or smaller impact. Equipping the staff with the knowledge and training to make this machine work best for them, is just as important as selling the machine!

“Halloween’s Ghouls and Goblins of the Turf World”

Fall Army Worms

October is here, and so are the spooky critters that reap havoc on sports turf fields across the country. The latest stories have included the pesky creatures seen in the image below, the infamous fall army worm. This pest has made its way from Ohio and now moving across the state of Pennsylvania, leaving headaches for sports turf professionals and farmers in their path.

While cooler temperatures and frost can help limit the damage of the army worm, by killing off the population,scouting for eggs will be critical in the prevention of the damage going forward. Removing and destroying the egg clusters like the one seen on the right, is the most effective way to prevent these pests from maturing and causing damage!

For more information on what is currently being done to ward off these pests, and minimize damage, see the articles linked below!



Fall Drainage Specials!

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