Seppi Machines

The SEPPI M. company was founded in 1939 by Max Seppi in Appiano, province of Bolzano, Italy. Just a few years earlier Max, a simple yet talented boy from a moutain village had moved down to Appiano to learn the profession of a blacksmith. With his own little enterprise he achieved his dream of independent work. He was solving all sorts of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical questions – always putting forth new ideas.

SEPPI M. are celebrating their 75th anniversary with a big variety of new and innovative products that will be presented at the trade expositions throughout the year. Among the news the STARSOIL, the new MAXIFORST, the new BMS and much more…

Seppi | LINE UP

Multifunctional tiller-mulcher that tills soil and roads, mills stumps and mulches wood.

Grinds stumps and wood, crushes stones and tills the soil to create optimal replanting conditions.

Picks up and processes sticks and other debris into mulch quickly and efficiently.