Rethinking Virtual Trade Shows

I’ve realized over the past few weeks that my opinion on virtual trade shows has changed a little. As member registrations start for the Golf Industry Show and the Sports Turf Managers Association show, it’s going to be different.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited to be doing something different but I’ve been doing trade shows for 26 years.  Ag trade shows. Turf trade shows. Golf trade shows.

David Taylor

I’m very familiar with trade shows and have been involved with lots of them all over the world. The idea of doing a virtual one was kind of scary. When the associations started announcing their virtual trade shows,  I didn’t understand how it was all going to work out. It’s going to be interesting. I’m actually looking forward to trying something different. That’s what we do at STEC Equipment. We create machines that are unique and different. 

Regarding trade shows, the industry has done the same thing for the past 20 years. Doing something different sounds good but how is it going to work? I’m still investigating. I’m still learning and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. A 30-day trade show as opposed to having just a few days may be a good thing. This will be the first time I will be home during the trade show season. It will definitely be something new for me and my family.  Most of you know, there’s a lot that goes into preparing for a trade show. January and February have always been a stressful time as an exhibitor. 

trade show stec

So why do we do it? We do it for the people on the front lines of our industry. The groundskeepers, superintendents, turf managers, and growers. We know how important it is to them. So if virtual trade shows are the way we must go this year, you can bet STEC Equipment will be leading the way.

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