Reggie Achevarra

Reggie Achevarra, Creative Director

Reggie is the STEC’s resident “Creative Department”. Whether there is a need for new marketing materials, branding, print or web sites he does it all. As STEC’s graphic designer he supports the Specialized Turf and Tractor divisions of the company.

After attending the Art Institute of Seattle he started working as freelance graphic designer. Reggie brings his “GET IT DONE BUT DO IT EXCELLENT” work ethic to STEC and that mindset has helped the company reach levels in marketing, branding and print recognition that reflects who and what STEC is as a company.

As a child, Reggie grew up in the Navy community in Charleston and eventually found him self in Washington State. In 2017 he brought his family back to South Carolina. He has been married since 2004 to his wonderful wife, he has a daughter and two sons. He loves to take his family on road trips, Reggie loves cooking and sitting at the beach is his happy place.

Reggie enjoys the challenge of multiple deadlines, he also says he enjoys working in the background and seeing his co-workers succeed because in a small way he was able to equip them to do so.

“If you can imagine it there is a way to make it happen.”