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 At STEC Equipment, we pride ourselves on providing the BEST service to our customers.  Part of providing great service to our customers, is making sure you know how to best maintain your tractor, and in turn, increase the longevity of your investment!

As your local tractor dealership, we feel an obligation to be a resource for our customers and community. On this page you will be able to find helpful tips about caring for and maintaining your tractor and implements. We will share articles on finding the best fluids and tires for your tractor, the best way to tie down and haul your tractor, and so much more! 

Can’t find the information your looking for? Click the link below, and one of our tractor specialist or other knowledgeable staff members will be happy to assist you! 

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The 10 HOUR Check

  • Check engine oil levels and hydraulic oil levels 
  • Check all grease points and ensure they are working correctly 
  • Check wheel bolt torque to ensure none of the bolts have moved 
  • Check and clean air filter if needed
  • Clean radiator nose and clamp
  • Check air intake nose
  • Secure all pins
  • Check tire pressure 
  • Ensure parking brake is holding 
  • Check coolant levels

The 50 HOUR Service

  • Change oil and oil filter 
  • Change hydraulic filter 
  • Change hydrostatic filter (if tractor is not manual)
  • Check hydraulic oil levels
  • Check front axle oil 
  • Check over greasing points on tractor 
  • Check wheel bolt torque and adjust if needed
  • Adjust clutch and brake pedal play

The next services are recommended at both 100 and 200 hours.