The GKB V-strong verticutter has been developed, because of increasing market demand, for an aggressive aerating machine to remove thatch. By removing thatch, moss and other material the grass is allowed more space to grow, provides permeability of the top layer and increases resistance to disease and insects.

The basis of the GKB Vstrong is the GKB Combinator, which can verticut and discharge the material away in one pass. The Vstrong is carried out with an adjustable hydraulic tailgate to guide the output of the dispatched material. The Vstrong uses the Combi-Rotor system, which can be used for both total removal, with the frasing blades, as well as verticutting up to a 2” depth. The depth can be adjusted using a patented pendulum system between the front and rear roller. The plastic scrapers on the rollers ensure that the rollers always remain clean. For added benefit a collection system can be used to catch the dispatched material.