With the Topair you are in possession of a robust and reliable machine. De Evolvente® blades are developed by GKB in a such a way, that it minimizes the prying effect in the upper layer, so that the upper layer will stay plain. Furthermore, the specific shape and design ensures that there is minimal friction between the blades and the pitch, which will reduce the power usage. 

Within the similar operation there is also a possibility to level out the sports turf. The pressure roller is hydraulically adjustable, this allows you to aerate and level the pitch or to execute the operations separately. In addition, you are also able to fill the pressure roller with water.

Finally, it is also possible to combat against white grubs when you assemble cutting blades instead of the Evolvente® blades. The combination of operations contributes to the reduction of the CO2 emission and the process of chemical free management of your sports turf.