GKB Machines

GKB Machines is part of the GKB Group. Since 1985 GKB Machines, as a separate division, is engaged with the development of innovative maintenance machines for sports pitches.

At GKB Machines we feel strongly about sustainability, as a family-owned company we aim for a sustainable company with a positive future prospect. That we do not just stick to words is evident from the fact that we are producing our machines energy neutral.

Sustainability is also highly important during the development of the machines. We develop the machines from the experience we have established from our contractor division. Every GKB Machine must satisfy the high-quality requirements that we impose. A sustainable, reliable and robust machine is the foundation for your operation. Since our contractor division is used to receiving these type of machines, you might also expect this from us.

Synthetic Turf Equipment

Synthetic turf has become a popular ground covering option for sports fields and recreation centers, and for good reason: this artificial grass is durable, low-maintenance, and provides a smooth, consistent surface for athletic events. While caring for synthetic turf is relatively simple, it still has a few crucial maintenance needs. STEC Equipment has innovative, high-quality synthetic turf equipment to help you meet those needs. Browse our selection of turf maintenance equipment, which includes aerators, cleaners, infillers, rotobrushes, and more from trusted brand GKB, or contact us to learn more about our synthetic turf equipment lineup from our experts.