Do you want an excellent greens faster? Every professional is aware that scarifying and sand-filling is a perfect combination. Use the Sandfiller to attenuate your green and maintain drainage. With the Sandfiller you can scarify, sand and, if necessary, reseed in the same pass. With the Sandfiller you can do this on your own, while other methods require up to 6 people.

You can use the Sandfiller in different ways, depending on the operation you want to carry out.

To scarify and collect the milled material, use the Sandfiller without using the sand bunker. In the case that you want to ‘attenuate’ as well, you can fill the sand bunker with dried sand. The scarified slots are then filled with the sand from the bunker.

To speed up the recovery of the turf it is good to overseed the green. In that case mix the dried sand with grass seed. In this way, you can scarify, sand and reseed the green in one pass with the Sandfiller.