The Sandfiller is the ultimate machine for thatch removal and sand backfilling, with the ability to verticut, collect waste material and backfill with sand in the same pass. This machine is perfect for greens applications ranging from native soil renovation to sand cap maintenance, If thatch and spongy Greens are a problem for you, the Sandfiller is the solutions, creating a frim green any course would be proud of.

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How does it work?

  • The Sandfiller is used for verticutting and sandfilling in 1 pass
  •  It is also possible to use the Sandfiller for just verticutting and collecting

    Working Width: 48″
    Working Depth: 0.75″ ; 1.20″ ; 1.50″
    Sand use: 0.25 y3/ 120 y2; 0.36 y3/ 120 y2 ; 0.50 y3/ 120 y2 (Dry sand only)
    Working depth verticutting: 0-1.5″ (c.t.c. 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 cm)
    Standard: 28 verticutting blades(0.10″; oto 1.5″ mounted)

    Collector box with high tumble to the side, hydraulic powered

    Dimensions: 63x71x48″ (lxwxh)
    Weight: 1376 lbs. (empty)
    Capacity sand bunker: 32 Gal
    Collector Box Capacity: 106 Gal
    Power Requirement: > 45hp (+ creep gear)
    Linkage: standard 3 point Cat. 1

    Walterscheid PTO Shaft

  • 1x double acting hydraulic valve / sand belt (5.5 gal/min)

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