Are you looking for a way to put down infill with uniformity in the construction or maintenance process of your field work? Do you want to lay sand on your sports field? Or do you have other material such as cork that you want to apply accurately? With the Infiller you can perform these different actions precisely and quickly with the GKB Infiller. 

The infill material can be applied in two directions. This ensures that multiple types of infill can be applied, such as sand, SBR rubber, TPE rubber and cork. To be able to drive in both directions of work, the driver’s seat is rotatable. The bunker mounted on top of the chassis can be enlarged by aluminum extensions. The bunker is increased by these extensions from 37.43 ft3 to 106 ft3. By means of the dosing valve of the Infiller it can be determined how much Infill material is sprinkled. This valve is hydraulically and manually operable.