GiANT Loaders

Tobroco-GiANT North America

GiANT stands for “Gigantic Ant,” signaling the unexpected strength of GiANT machines and the versatility of fitting into small spaces without tearing up turf.

Born in humble backgrounds, the first small but mighty GiANT loader was developed in a Dutch barn by Toine Brock.

With Brock’s leadership, the GiANT lineup of loaders is a multi-national success, championing power and versatility for professionals in landscaping, tree care, agriculture, municipalities, snow removal, and construction industries.

The North American headquarters for Tobroco Machinery is in Cedar Falls, Iowa, where they are the exclusive distributor of GiANT compaction equipment, wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, telehandlers, and attachments.

Tobroco-GiANT North America is dedicated to serving hardworking professionals to work smarter, not harder.