The STEC FB3 Fairway Brush is a tow behind implement with the multi purpose functionality of correcting grass blade orientation to optimize pre-cut preparation practices, dethatching grass, reducing worm cast, removing dew, brushing in top-dressing materials and performing the necessary preventative measures for controlling turf disease. The Fairway Brush utilizes a ground driven rotary brushing method and a stationary drag brush that are encompassed in a mechanical linkage system that has the ability to contour and maintain a consistent connection with the turf surface. This machine simplifies grooming practices and improves efficiency by utilizing electrical systems to increase the amount of compatible tow vehicles and nearly tripling the working width of traditional grooming machines to approximately 15 feet.

  • +/-30 degrees of fore-aft down force contouring
  • 41 degrees of total side to side wing contouring (+26up,-15down)
  • Independent operation from the tow vehicle due to articulating hitch(360 degree rotation)
  • Dual brushing system-Drag and Rotary Brushes
  • Removable drag brush system
  • Reversible rotary brush. Reverse the direction of the brush by moving a single sprocket and changing the chain path (Pre-Cut and Top Dress Modes)
  • All waterproof(IP68) electric actuators

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