David Taylor

David Taylor, Owner & President of STEC Equipment

 One of the true benefits of being the owner of an independent company is the ability to have my hands in all aspects of the business. I am never bored as there is always a new project or opportunity to better our business and as a result the experience and service that our customers receive.

Growing up on a nursery in England definitely influenced and guided the path to where I am today. I was on a piece of equipment around the nursery from an early age and even to this day I am selling, developing & using cutting edge turf grass equipment. I started out working as a demonstrator for New Holland Agriculture and then was hired by BLEC Landscaping Equipment. It was through my job at BLEC that I came to America in 2002. 6 years later I was able to create and establish STEC and we have been expanding and growing ever since. On a personal note I can say with great pride that I was able to become a US Citizen in 2018.

I have also created a great life here outside of STEC while I have been here. I have been married to Robyn since 2006. I also have 2 great kids, Allie & Will, who keep us busy with all of their extracurricular activities. I enjoy working on and around equipment and spend a lot of my spare time using that equipment on projects at our house.

“The answer is always YES!” I think one of the greatest things in this world is that there is always an opportunity out there, you just have to be willing to take it. I have tried to model this behavior by coming to America, starting STEC and so many other minor decisions in my life that have gotten me to where I am.

 As the president and owner of STEC I am always trying to make it better, not only for our customers but for our employees & distributors as well. I am of the belief that taking care of people pays off in immeasurable dividends and also helps STEC be more successful. I have applied that philosophy to the community that I live in as well and try to help out and give back to it in as many ways that I possibly can using my knowledge and expertise wherever I can.