Bunkers and Drainage

Much Needed Drainage Work to be Done

As we head into the winter, I’m seeing a lot of focus on bunker work and drainage. Usually, this time of year, especially up north, golf courses are looking to do any construction they had planned. Given this has been a record-setting year for a lot of courses, there hasn’t been much time to focus on bigger projects in between play. Most superintendents were focused on the day-to-day activities and keeping downtime to greens at a minimum. The colder weather moving in allows golf course superintendents to do much-needed drainage projects and construction while play with members is considerably lower. STEC’s trenchers are a great add on to any course or maintenance shop. Mobility and effectiveness are critical and our TCT Fairway and the TCT Pro can do most any job required.
fairway trencher

Bunker Work During the Winter

There’s also quite a bit of bunker work to be done or redone depending on how you look at it. Whether it’s a new bunker or one that needs some attention, getting sand in and out without creating a mess can be a headache. Sometimes bunkers aren’t draining the way you would like them.  Removing the sand and refilling the cavity is a tedious task.  Any time you can get a material handler with an arm for spreading you’ve got an advantage. The SPM series material handler has one such arm and it’s one of the ones I recommend often. My name’s Cliff and these are my notes.
Material Handler Side

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