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STEC Equipment is the industry leader as a specialty turf equipment company that focuses on distribution. We take great pride in offering the latest INNOVATION from around the world. These specialized products are of the highest QUALITY. STEC Equipment DELIVERS them directly to you; the sports turf manager, golf course superintendent and turfgrass professional.


From the Golf Course Superintendent to the Sports Turf Manager to every Contractor and Crew Member in between, we provide access to the highest quality, specialized, professional turf equipment from around the world. At STEC we understand that you need to be more efficient, profitable, and have less downtime. Our commitment to quality products and impeccable customer service keeps you on schedule and ahead of the competition.

What's it like to be a STEC customer?

“Over the past 6 years the team at CT Fieldscapes has had the opportunity to maintenance, renovate, and install various Sports Fields in the Central and South Texas Regions.  Throughout these years STEC Equipment has been a steady and dependable asset for advising and suppling us with the right specialty equipment for every job we  encounter.  From our first purchase of a CB160 Combinator to our most recent purchase of a second SB 160 Stone Burier, the STEC Crew has been always been there to guide us in the right selection of equipment while making sure it would fit into our fleet seamlessly. Today we proudly operate 2 GKB Stone Buriers, 1 GKB Combinator, 2 DT710 Dump Trailers, and 2 GKB Sand Spreaders on a daily basis.  Every purchase we have made from STEC Equipment has provided us with positive outcomes on the job sites.  The GKB machines not only speed up the process of servicing our fields, the durability of the machines allow for heavy use day in day out with minimal maintenance.  Each time we need replacement parts STEC is quick to respond and ship those parts out and seem to always have what we need in stock or on the way within days.  From the purchase of new equipment, to maintaining what we already have, it’s reassuring to know the team at STEC will be there to help us grow every step of the way.  From our first purchase to the most recent, STEC Equipment has always been willing to take the time to listen and help guide us to the right machine without ever making us feel rushed or upsold.  Because of this, we look forward to many more years of doing business with STEC Equipment.  If your in the market for any of the machines STEC sells or services, we at CT Fieldscapes would highly recommend you join us as a highly satisfied customer of STEC Equipment.”

Colt Tousek

CT Fieldscapes

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